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Close to 15% of people who visit a Chiropractor seek relief for pain from chronic headaches or migraines, according to the American Chiropractic Association.

Auto Injuries
Dont Delay!

Experienced in managing treatment for whiplash and other injuries. Dr. Plaut has a Medical legal background as a Qualified Legal Evaluator to help guide you through your legal issues.

Nutritional Testing
You are what you eat!

Clinical Kinesiology nutritional response testing. Dr. Plaut will evaluate full organ systems, GI Tract and illnesses. We offer a full range of the highest quality Whole food supplements.


A Healthier Life

Starts with a healthy Spine.

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We are very conscientious regarding the products we utilize and recommend to our patients. Having spent years researching the wide array of products available, we ensure that not only the final product, but also the raw materials and manufacturing processes have been thoroughly tested and held to the highest standards.


Whole Body Solutions!

Many conditions can be treated and improved or healed.


Digital Office

DrChrono EHR is a fully integrated electronic medical records, medical billing, RCM and practice management platform. Our patient files, check-in, reminders, billing, clinical notes and appointments are all managed with this HIPPA compliant software.

“We believe that the practice of the future starts in the philosophy of the past – where personalized, dedicated, one-on-one care is paramount. Where screen-time is replaced by face-time. And where technology adapts to the provider, not the other way around”

Securely communicate with our office through the OnPatient Portal and take an active role in the managing of your health. With the patient portal, you can set up appointments, pay bills online, and access your records. How to Connect:


Ask your provider to send you an email invite to the OnPatient Portal.


Open the OnPatient invite email, press the “sign up” button and register online.


Download the OnPatient app from the Apple App Store.


Launch the OnPatient app and log in to connect to your medical provider.


Live Pain Free

Along with your In-Office visits, we provide an array of Home Pain Management products and therapies for you to live a pain free lifestyle.

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Learn about Pain Management and Wellness options.

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