Dr. Plaut is the real deal; he is a great healer and it is his mission to heal. He loves his work and that brings healing energy. He is a humble man and listens; he really cares. He gives credit to his teachers and is not threatened by new ideas. He is a giver, not a taker, as I have found with the others. Isn’t that what a doctor is supposed to be? I have gone to so many chiropractors, even the top rated ones in the newspaper polls, but this man is the best.

I had been going to a chiropractor who I knew thought I had arthritis. Dr. Plaut saw me once and hit my problem first thing. I heard a strong healthy adjustment; something nobody else had done for me before. It turns out they just didn’t know how to adjust me or were too light in their touch. The amount of energy and direction he sent to my spine, was a perfect match. I heard several adjustments, and I felt great. I no longer felt like I had a problem that couldn’t be fixed. He is a good man and a great chiropractor.
— Diana P
Dear Dr. Plaut,

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you, not only for helping me with my pain, but for helping me to have the birth that I wanted.

During my pregnancy, I experienced a lot of pain in my pelvis (my pubic bones and my hips). I sought out chiropractic care, and after getting no relief with other chiropractors, Sue Turner, LM, a local midwife, recommended that I see you. She emphasized that you are comfortable working with pregnant women who were expecting. And she was right! After the first adjustment, my pain was dramatically reduced! In fact, within a few adjustments, my pain was gone. And, what’s more, my breech baby began moving around after each adjustment, and within a few sessions, he had turned head down! This was a huge accomplishment for me.

My fist baby was breech, and after trying everything else I knew of (inverted yoga poses, acupuncture, moxabustion, etc.), I finally had to resort to a painful medical procedure called an external cephalic version to turn my breech baby head down. This time, however, you aligned my pelvis for me and allowed my baby to turn on his own. That meant even more to me than relieving my pain. Thank you so much!

As a labor and delivery nurse and a childbirth educator, I plan on telling the world (or at least the pregnant women within my scope of influence) about you. Your work means so much to me. and I know it does to others as well. Keep it up!
— Paris M., RNC-OB, IBCLC

I met Dr. Ken Plaut some time ago after returning to California from a vacation to the East coast. The idea was to chill out, see my brother and go body surfing in the warm summer Atlantic Ocean. Good idea; didn’t work out.

“I had been body surfing since I was a kid, now I’m teaching my own the joys of catching a wave and zooming in to the beach. Always ended the ride with a big smile and a laugh. My last ride didn’t end so well when I caught a big wave and went straight to the bottom, smashing my head into the sand. Knocked almost unconscious, I rolled up to the beach not being able to move either my head nor lift my arm. We were leaving the next day so there was no time to see somone local. Getting back to California, I went to see my medical doctor of many years. He was convinced that the shoulder required surgery. I wasn’t so sure. I got some X-rays and went to see Dr. Ken Plaut. I went to Chiropractics because I believe that starting with the least invasive approach is often the best approach. Dr. Plaut looked at the X-rays, [and] measured my very poor ability to lift the arm …

“We started a fairly intensive therapy of manipulation and correction. He had seen squashed neck vertebra and pinched nerves in young football players. As each week went by we both enjoyed the successes of seeing my arm lift higher and higher. as my arm lifted over my head and the pain went away, I became convinced that Dr. Plaut was a miracle man. I had avoided surgery and had the problem resolved. The proof is in the pudding. I really wouldn’t have cared if he had swung a chicken over my head if the results were the same. I was good to go in a matter of weeks; I was told that shoulder surgery recovery could take months. I still see Dr. Plaut every 3 months or so for maintenance. Dr. Plaut… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here. THANK YOU.
— Peter W.

Dr. Plaut is an amazing chiroprator! My stepmother started seeing him when his office was in Ojai sevaral years ago. She has rhematoid arthritis in both knees and before starting treatment with Dr. Plaut had several surgeries. But Dr. Plaut is a life saver!! He adjusts her once a week and she no longer has pain! The swelling and aching is gone!! Thank you!!
— M.H.

A Year and a half after my automobile accident I was still experiencing pain and was unable to work. After just 3 treatments with Dr. Plaut I am now pain free and back at my job as a physical therapist.
— T.L.

I came for a problem with my back but when Dr. Plaut examined my neck and shoulder … it truly was a miracle!

For years I thought I would just have to accept the pain and after only one treatment I can raise my arms above my head and I can swim comfortably again.

Oh – and no more back pain too!
— Patti B.

I went to Dr. Plaut a few weeks ago for the first time because of a shoulder problem that I have been having. He did a wonderful examination of the shoulder but he also checked out the rest of my body just to see if everything was looking like it should. During the examination he identified that one of my legs was shorter than the other and wondered if I had ever injured my hip. I told him that about 14 years ago I had injured it on a training exercise while I was in the Army.

One quick but delicate movement by Dr. Plaut set my hips back in alignment with each other and I quickly forgot about it. I was in the Army for almost 9 years; that translates into more [than] a thousand miles of marching, thousands and thousands of miles running during my time in the military, and each and every time I ran or marched I ended it with my right hip hurting so bad I would limp. I limped painfully almost every day of my military career.

A few days ago I went on a four-mile walk with my wife, somewhere around mile 3 I realized I wasn’t limping or in pain, it was the first time in 14 years that I didn’t suffer pain while walking long distances. If you have persistent pains you think you have to live with, give Dr. Plaut an opportunity to fix it for you. He can discover fixes for problems you didn’t even know could be fixed.
— Clinten M.

Dear Dr. Plaut,

As you know, I was not a believer when my husband insisted 2 years ago that I come to see you for my neck pain and headaches that I had suffered with for the last 18 years. After only 4 visits with you I was remarkably better and I no longer have headaches at all with my periodic maintenance visits. So when my 3rd pregnancy gave me horrible sciatic pain and other aches I was right back here and you made the duration of the pregnancy so much more bearable.

On January 14th my beautiful 3rd baby girl, Riley, arrived and she was/is the picture of health. Only one problem, since she turned about 5 months old she started getting terribly constipated and none of the recommendations our pediatrician were working to give her (and us) any relief. She came along with me to my regular visit to you at the age of 8 months and you asked how she was. I was afraid to tell you about her constipation because I knew you would want to cure her and I couldn’t imagine you adjusting my tiny baby. You assured me that you would instead use your “activator” tool which you knew I was very skeptical of – hocus pocus!! But we went for it and Riley could care less that you did your 3 quick triggers on her back.

We went home and 4 hours later she made a HUGE poop!! The next day she did it again and just about every day since she has had a bowel movement with no other intervention or treatments by you.

Miraculous!! We thank you so much and Riley thanks you most of all. Bless you!
— Lessa C.

First I want to thank you for your caring and professional services. I am not one to readily ‘go to the doctor’ and must admit was very reluctant to go to a chiropractor. However, after taking the step last June 2003, I have felt better in so many ways.

Outside of helping what I considered typical aches and pains of a runner (for 21 years) and those of us getting older (49 years young), I had what I considered a miraculous event. When I was 15, I had a bicycle accident in which I landed on my head and this resulted in a head injury. At that time I was unconscious and was checked for any skull fractures. After 4 days in the hospital I was released, no fractures only a hemotomo. However, my sense of smell diminished to the point that I would be the last to smell any foul, sweet or delicious aromas. So, after 34 years, I now can taste and smell what I have missed for years.

I have shared my experiences with many friends and co-workers; I am definitely a believer in chiropractic. I take fewer and fewer “excedrines’ for headaches and am looking forward to running and staying active for many more years.
— Sharon M.