Why is an adjustment needed?

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Joints that are not moving properly can cause compression on spinal nerves causing symptoms to appear throughout the body. Adjustments are needed to restore proper function to the joints that are not performing normally. Joints that do not move enough force other joints to move too much. An adjustment adds motion to a joint, helping the bones to gradually return to a more normal motion and position.


What to Expect After Your Adjustment

“What you can expect from your adjustment is a feeling of peace and relaxation that can last from a day to a week. Patients often comment that they experience a better night’s sleep and increased energy. It’s common to hear that they went home and tackled that project they’ve been putting off for months.”

“Some patients report that their symptoms start to go away after the first adjustment, while others don’t feel any immediate difference. If you don’t feel a change, don’t be discouraged. Often you are not aware of internal improvements.”

“Some patients may feel discomfort after their first adjustment, ranging from a headache to just general fatigue. In almost every case, this feeling goes away within the next couple adjustments.”

“This discomfort is often due to a detoxification of the body after adjustments. As poisons leave the system, they could create a headache or slight head cold, even a slight fever and a feeling of lethargy.”

These symptoms of detoxification generally last no more than a day or two, and then you should see steady improvement.

This information excerpted from the excellent book, Chiropractic First.